Remote work n. The growing trend of employees who don’t walk into a traditional office each weekday morning, instead opting to work remotely part- or full-time from home, abroad, or a well-designed coworking space in the name of flexibility, technological progress, and productivity.

Maybe you may find yourself working remotely for the first time, not knowing the best ways to adjust or stay productive, especially if your whole family (including your kids!) are at home with you.

So how to remain focused and connected even though we’re not physically together in person?

While national parks, cars, and jungle bungalows can all seem like surprising places to do your job from, you may find some of the perks to be a bit more enticing than your standard office or your dinning table, don’t you?

REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT  Support remote workers and reduce business travel by offering the possibility to use a flexible usage space in a coworking either walking or bicycling distance from their home.




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