Experience Coworking with BCN575

An overview of what we are, the services we offer, and a short introduction to the coworking landscape.

Flexible Opening Hours

Work whenever suits you best with our 24/7 access and flexible opening hours.

Equipped Dining Office

Enjoy our stylish dinning-office area, simple and easy for a short break so you can stay fuelled and focused. Equipped with coffee machine, fridge, microwave, water fountain and utensil.

Relaxing Talking Area

Keep calm and take time to connect with fellow members in our comfortable and inviting talking area.

Professional Meeting Room

Host comfortable meetings (online or in person) using our well-equipped meeting room: whiteboard, TV, videoconference camera, 360º microphone, wifi, and cable Internet access.

>10 Coworking: Complex made simple.

More often than not, we find our clients struggling with the question of how to find a space practical for their work that simply fits the bill. This certainly applies to the traditional idea of “renting”, which provides solutions based on complex processes. We found the answer in the coworking concept. Our practice as architects made the way easy to find straightforward propositions. The result: ready-to-use spaces either for one person or dedicated private offices. The all-inclusive nature also greatly simplifies accounting and tax preparation, as all services are consolidated into a single monthly invoice. A useful system from the first hour. And that’s how we started BCN575. Kindness and craft were also always there. Since then, all the time we have been firmly planted in society, curious about changes (some of them have been really globally strong) and open-minded to find new and better solutions. One plan at a time.

Monthly Plans


Personal Desk Full-Time Plan


Private Office Plan


Daily Plans


Nomad Full-Time Plan


Meeting Room Full-Time Plan


Explore Spaces at BCN575

Places to call home for the day. Dedicated workspace. Friendly service. A combination of the benefits of café culture, members clubs and serviced offices offers something for everyone who needs a relaxed vibe.

Experience the Convenience and Accessibility of Our Central Location in Barcelona

BCN575 Coworking offers a prime location in the heart of Barcelona, providing easy access to the workplace as well as to the city’s vibrant cultural scene or nice places to join during your spare time.
Getting to BCN575_Universitat is even accessible from the airport with the Aerobús and BCN575_Tetuan is just next to the newly opened walking area “Eixos Verds”. Both are central locations and you’ll be just steps away from craft restaurants, shops, bus and metro stations or you can simply park your bicycle outside the door.

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What are people saying about BCN575

Little expensive, but you get tons of perks, like 24/7 access to this super location.

Mazyad Alabduljaleel

BCN575, is a beautiful coworking space located in the center of Barcelona and run by a charming couple. The treatment has been excellent, very close and they convey a lot of confidence. We would repeat without a doubt.

Miriam Poza

For a while I was in this co-working, a good atmosphere and the management of the center is very friendly and will help you with everything necessary. If you are looking for something more welcoming and personal than a giant co-working Space, this is your place, also with competitive rates.

Eloi Morte Castelló

Brutal! Perfect place and highly recommended. Super professional, friendly and with humane treatment. Always providing facilities and responding to the needs we have. A 20!

Berta Mozos

I love working at BCN575 Universitat. It’s a quiet place to work, but you can also reach out to other co-workers. There are different spaces, for example a meeting room with great equipment, a room to cooperate, a galleria to come together for lunch and different spaces to work for yourself. The location is great […]

Selke Van de Laar

This is a great place to work. It is clean, collaborative, and in great location!

Kathryn Anne Downing

We love the place, the atmosphere, good treatment

Agustina de Pratula